Water Treatment Cooling Tower Chemicals
removal and preventive chemicals for maintenance of cooling tower system
proper scheduling & monthly lab water sample testing available

Air Conditioner Coil Cleaner
alkaline based formulation of dust & carbon remover chemicals for air-con system
economical and can be diluted with water for usage

Rust Remover & Metal Conditioner
a highly active renovator that removes rust, dirt particles and light oil film
contains special inhibitors against corrosion; high concentration allows greater dilution rate.
safe on ferrous and non ferrous materials.

Water Based Anti Rust
concentrated rust preventive solution for treating all metal work pieces.
keeps all work pieces rust free until next stage without need for costly equipment and downtime.

Rust Converter
transforms rust (Iron Oxide) into a black organo metallic coating.
the coating now acts as a protective coat in which it prevents further rusting and provides a sound base for paints.

carbon remover chemical for heavy and transport industries
remove carbon and heavy sludge from motors and generators.

Heavy Duty Water Soluble Degreaser for Machine & Industrial Floor Cleaning
water based degreasing chemicals basically to clean oil and grease stains from production floor and machine surfaces
economical as it can be diluted with water

Industrial Paint Remover
to remove paint from metal surfaces
applicable through brush on or immersion process

Spray Booth Compound
powder formulated to gather paint residue into compact sizes for easier disposal

Safety Solvent Cleaner for Electrical Equipment
a blend of solvents which cleans and degreases in place running electric motors

Wide Range of Oil Absorbent Products for leakage oil & chemical problems
can absorb leakage of oil and chemical during production process