HD2 Grease
heavy duty grease formulated in mineral lubricating oil thickened with high-grade fatty acid-calcium soap.
excellent lubrication properties and water resistance.
suitable for automobiles and other machines in lubricating frictional parts of any medium-load.

FG2 Grease
food grade grease formulated with high temperature, extreme pressure, water resistant additives.
meets requirement of U.S. FDA regulation 21 CFR 178.3570 for lubricants having incidental contact with food.
suitable for food processing or packaging machinery where there is a possibility of incidental contact with food.

A.Seize2 Compound
copper based anti-seize formulation compound
applicable when assembling components which are exposed subsequently to corrosion or oxidation and also subsequently difficult to dismantle.
effective for mechanism and components that are in contact with sea water or for manifold nuts which will frequently seize due to high temperatures.

OPPG3 Grease
open gear moly-graphite lithium based tacky (NLGI 3) grease for maximum reduction in wear and tear on open gear.
lubricates high load and high temperature open gears.
suitable for shovels, girth gears, trailers, trucks, construction equipment, chains or conveyors where heavy loaded lubrication is required.

LIT 88 EP Grease
lithium based grease applicable to general automotive and industrial applications.
varies in NLGI 00, 0, 1 ,2, and 3 viscosity
suitable for most bearing application, gear box and other critical machineries.

HI-LO Grease
heavy duty bentone based formulation high temperature bearing grease
also suitable for medium to high load carrying capacity application.
varies in NLGI 0,1,2, and 3 viscosity

SEMI LIT 99 EP Grease
semi-synthetic lithium based high temperature grease with superb oxidation stability and lubrication properties.
suitable for applications in electronics, packaging, plastics, printing and high temperature automotive manufacturing sectors.
varies in NLGI 1 and 2 viscosity

WR Grease
wire rope lubrication grease for extending the life of wire ropes and chains.
special additives that penetrates to the fiber rope core to prevent drying out. Protective coating will resist rain fall and immersion in sea water.
varies in NLGI 0, 00 and 000 viscosity

ALC EP Grease
aluminium complex high temperature formulated grease for high pressure applications such as steel rolling mills, offshore drilling and mining operations
excellent stability, good pumpability and superior resistance to water wash-out
varies in NLGI 0,1, and 2 viscosity