metal working lubricants

Water Soluble Cutting coolants
mineral base
semi synthetic base
fully synthetic base
applicable to different types of machining: CNC, lathe, milling, and grinding

Biocide, Fungicide & Alkaline System Cleaner for Soluble Cutting Coolants
chemical formulated to clean all the fungicide and sludge from the CNC system

Stamping Oils
solvent base
oil base
varies for different types of thickness and material

Deep Drawing & Forming Oils
for high temperature and high pressure metal forming operation
protects metal from cracking or burning by over-heating

EDM Synthetic Oils
advanced formula dielectric fluid with enhance anti-oxidation and thermal stability for use over extended period of time.
formulated to provide minimum evaporation loss and is almost free of residual deposit.
It has a high flash point that makes it safer and cleaner for the workplace

Neat Cutting Oils
high viscosity chlorine free cutting oil
excellent EP additives

Tapping Fluids
oil base
solvent base
for ferrous and non-ferrous metals