About Us


Ungdaka started its business in specialized lubricants & chemicals since 1992 and was incorporated in 1997. From our humble beginning in Penang, to-date we have expanded rapidly through the turbulence of the economy and have set up branches in Perak and Selangor. For overseas expansion, we also have our marketing & production offices in Singapore and Thailand. Ungdaka is tremendously proud of its team concept that involves hardworking, caring, and dedicated sales, admin, QA/Research and Production personnels that strive for excellence and improvement in all aspects for the better future of our customers.


With extensive and comprehensive training, our trained sales representatives are able to provide optimum technical advice to the customers to ensure their respective output, quality assurance and high productivity. Ungdaka believes in progressing with the future and is committed in its strong vision of “Advanced Technology Solutions to Cleanliness and Lubrications”. With this vision, extensive market and product research studies have not only allowed the Company to continuously improve on its current products and services; but also to expand on its various products development from time to time.